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Pure wool yarns

Find, on this page, all our balls 100% wool. The pure wool ensures warmth, comfort and quality to the integrality of your works, from the sweater to the fingerless gloves by way of the scarf ! You will be able to knit or crochet great yarns in order to make beautiful projects. 


Pure wool yarns

All pure wool yarns

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Choose the 100% wool for you, your children or even to spoil another member of your family. Hurry up, these balls are only waiting for you ! La Lainière de Wazemmes is a family adventure which started more than 30 years ago in the city of Lille. The main mission of La Lainière is to provide you with quality wool and yarns at the lowest price all along the year. You will find here yarns at low costs, from classic yarns to the ones of the highest quality. Find your happiness within thousands references, knitting and crochet, and a wide variety of colour options for all your projects..