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8 good reasons to know how to knit or crochet

Are you already a pro at knitting or crocheting or are you seriously considering learning to knit? Knitting and crochet are 2 creative activities that allow you to create unique clothing, accessories and decorative objects using your hands. Thus, by learning to knit or crochet, you can develop your creativity, your imagination, feel great personal satisfaction by seeing the results of your work and many other things. Today, in this article, we have listed for you 8 good reasons to knit, crochet or simply take up knitting! 

1. It's good for your health

Studies have demonstrated the benefits of knitting on the health of those who practice this activity. Indeed, knitting would help reduce age-related memory loss and combat diseases such as Alzheimer's, for example. By casting on our stitches and knitting our stitches, we engage our concentration and use parts of our brain that stimulate neural connections. Knitting would also, in part, protect our hands from arthritis. Be careful, knitting and crochet are not miracle cures but they are activities that contribute to our physical well-being but also and above all to our mental health!

2. It's de-stressing

The benefits of knitting are multiple. It is also known for its anti-stress properties. Indeed, when you make your wool project, your mind focuses on one specific thing, knitting, and you then chase away negative thoughts and you can forget, for a few moments, the little worries of everyday life. By practicing the activity of knitting or crochet, you will naturally feel more relaxed. This activity releases endorphins in our brain: the hormones of pleasure and happiness. In short, knitting and crochet would literally make you happier!

It's a great reason to learn knitting isn't it ? So, after a long, exhausting day, we highly recommend sitting down in your favorite armchair with a cup of tea, and relaxing with the help of a ball of wool, a pair of needles or a hook!

3. Knitting/crocheting is an opportunity to learn new things (and it's not an "only old people activity"!).

Despite the clichés and stereotypes that stick to it, knitting/crocheting is an activity that can be practiced by everyone, regardless of gender, and at any age! So, regardless of the opinions of those who find that a man who knits is strange or that an 18 year old woman who crochets is strange, do what you want! In the team of knitters, we don't care about the lives and opinions of those who don't understand our passion for yarn and wool.

Starting knitting or crochet means learning a new manual activity, rather ecological and at a reasonable price. It's an almost infinite learning process because there are always new techniques to learn to cast on your stitches or make rows, discover new stitches, create new works. In short, the thirst for learning never fades with knitting and crochet. And, the advantage of our time is that you can find plenty of models and patterns on the Internet to make all the projects you want. By practicing a little, knitting and/or crochet will soon have no more secrets for you!

4. Knitting/crocheting is a nomadic activity!

Indeed, knitting and crochet are activities that you can practice almost anywhere in your daily life and which adapt to all environments. Thus, it is possible to knit or crochet on public transport, in front of your television or even on a bench in a park. And then, a pair of needles and a ball of wool don't take up much space in a bag, so you can even take them traveling with you around the world!

5. It is to consuming fashion differently

What if the global health crisis linked to Covid-19 had finally had a positive impact? The DIY trend (Do It Yourself) has spread all over the world! And with it, the activity of knitting continues to have more and more fans. At a time when the fast fashion textile industry is increasingly questionable and contested, knitting is the perfect way to find out under what conditions your favorite sweater was your living room, by your own hands! Also, knitting or crocheting your clothes yourself allows you to ensure the quality, origin and composition of the raw materials by carefully selecting them. All this while combining leisure and pleasure!

Thus, choosing handmade also means promoting the short circuit, supporting small traders/artisans, and participating in the establishment of more sustainable and ethical fashion. In this sense, handmade knitting is also a simpler way to keep your sweaters, tops or even socks much longer. Since you know what your work is made of, you can know how to maintain it so that it still looks like new even after several years of use! Finally, you will no longer need to break the bank to buy THAT trendy wool SWEATER that you saw in the window of that department store, you just have to knit it. The advantage? Prices are immediately more affordable when you knit your own clothes. It is even possible to take inspiration from a model found on the Internet or in a paper catalog. You can also customize your projects to your liking by adding embroidery pieces, beads or other embellishments.

6. It is offering personalized gifts

You can knit, not only for yourself but also for your family, friends and loved ones in general. What's better than giving a personalized gift to someone you love?

Imagine the situation: it's almost Christmas and while everyone is running to the department stores desperately looking for original gift ideas, you are sitting quietly in your living room making THE perfect gift...a pretty sweater wool knitted with love, or small handmade accessories!

And yes, knowing how to knit or crochet can save us from endless shopping days and, above all, can prevent us from ending up with the same gift as the neighbor. So, depending on the tastes of the person to whom you are going to give your present, you can choose the ideal thread (color, material, appearance, etc.) which will correspond to the desired project. And above all, your handmade gifts will always have that little something extra: they will have been thought of and made with the heart. Nothing feels better than receiving a personalized gift!

7. Knitting/crocheting allows you to get away from screens

Knitting/crocheting is an activity that allows you, in our ultra-connected society, to take your eyes and your mind away from the screens of your phone, tablet or computer. What could be better, after a day of work spent in front of the computer, than relaxing on the sofa with a ball of wool, a pair of needles or a crochet hook!

8. Knitting/crocheting means creating social connections !

And yes, while we might think that knitting or crocheting is a solitary pastime, this activity can on the contrary lead us to exchanges and great encounters! Indeed, with the emergence of the Internet over the last twenty years, many groups, forums or blogs have been created to discuss current projects, find good deals, ask for advice on particular points, etc. . So, Facebook is the perfect social network if you want to find people who share your interests and passions through many groups you can join and pages you can follow. On Instagram, you can follow inspiring and creative people but also create your own account to share photos of your projects with others.

If you're interested in it, La Lainière de Wazemmes has a Facebook page and an Instagram account to interact with you around yarns and wools and our common passion. Don’t hesitate to share with us your creations made with our balls by mentioning us in your publications or indicating #lalainieredewazemmes!

The community of knitting/crocheting fans and addicts is huge. It has no privileged territory, no borders and does not respond to any kind of social classification. So, what are you waiting for to join her?



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See you soon, for new knitting tips, with La Lainière de Wazemmes !
Written by Pia on Wednesday 14 June 2023 à 16:47, in Advice .

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