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Yarns and wools to start knitting 

Knitting is one of the best activities ever (we're not objective, but we know you agree with us !). It allows to clear the head and to relax, while stimulating our brain. We quickly become addicted to it! But when you're new to knitting and have never taken a class, you always wonder where to start... How to cast on a stitch? How to achieve an increase in a rank? Do you need one needle or two? What size ? Simple or circular? This is why today, in this article, we are going to guide you in finding the ideal wool and material to start knitting!

What are the essential tools for learning knitting ?

To begin this guide for beginner knitters, let's review the basics!

First, you need needles. They always work in pairs. If you are a beginner and want to learn to knit without difficulty, choose them that are neither too big nor too thin, but of medium size, like No. 5 or No. 6.

These numbers correspond to the diameter of the needles which will give its size to the stitch. Don't go beyond that, large needles are not easy to handle for beginners because of their heaviness which risks slowing you down in your learning to knit. The same goes for fine needles, certainly lighter but more difficult to grip. We also recommend, most of the time, starting knitting with straight needles rather than circular needles which are a little more complicated to use.

Finally, take needles 30 cm or 40 cm long, made of wood or metal. Make sure they are pleasant to the touch and that the yarn slides well over them before you start so that you are not embarrassed when learning to knit. Holding your needles well will promote the precision and flexibility of your movements.

 The first tests ?

Before rushing headlong into your first 100% Alpaca noble wool blanket, follow these few essential tips :

We strongly recommend that you first make your first attempts with a wool composed of Acrylic. You can ask to see a sample of the desired wool to get an idea of the result. You can learn how to cast on your stitches and perform the first basic knitting stitches, such as garter stitch or stockinette stitch, with synthetic wool. It is not recommended for beginners to start knitting directly with wool from a noble material such as cashmere for example. Indeed, yarns and wools made from synthetic materials such as acrylic are not really expensive and are perfectly suited to getting started in knitting. Indeed, during your learning, you risk often undoing and redoing your stitches, correcting your mistakes and, consequently, damaging your yarn.

To cast on your first stitches and knit your first rows, we recommend the balls:

The first project 

Once you know how to cast on your stitches and have mastered the basic knitting stitches, it's time to get started on your first project ! To begin, we recommend the ALPINA 6 and CANADA balls from Lammy Yarns. These balls are a real pleasure for beginners thanks to their unbeatable quality-price ratio ! In addition, their thick yarn glides perfectly on the needles. Made of wool and acrylic, these balls offer a wide choice of colors. 

In addition, there are many knitting patterns for beginners to, for example, learn how to knit a scarf, a snood and even sweaters. Start first with a project that is not too ambitious so as not to get discouraged and give up at the first difficulty. Instead, choose knitting squares to test the stitches and not get lost when reading the pattern. In 3 words: take your time!

The first project according to the season

For a first winter project with natural yarn, it may be interesting to knit in 100% wool. For this, we highly recommend the PURE LAINE 8 ball from Textiles de la Marque. It can be knitted in needle size 8 or 9.

For a summer project in natural yarn, we recommend using cotton and more specifically, for beginners, the COTON 5 ball from Lammy Yarns. It can be knitted with n°5 needles or with n°6 needles, for the less initiated among you. Today it is very easy to find a model or pattern that you will like on the Internet, so treat yourself!

The garter stitch scarf undoubtedly remains the ideal project for beginners. Indeed, it does not require sewing and does not present major technical difficulties such as increases or decreases. To do this, we advise you to work with a thick wool, easy to knit. On each ball of wool, the needles to use for knitting are specified on the label. The other positive point? No need for a knitting pattern to knit a scarf, simply knit the same stitch to the desired length.

You can also begin with socks. Even if it may seem complicated to you, it's a rather quick and easy project to complete, you'll see, you'll quickly want to knit dozens of them for winter! For this, we advise you to opt for a specific wool for socks.

Knitting kits and crochet kits

At La Lainière de Wazemmes, we offer several knitting kits and crochet kits accessible to beginners in terms of level. We advise you to start knitting with a kit because these are composed of a detailed technical sheet with all the step-by-step explanations to support you in your project but also of all the materials necessary to create a beautiful work. Snood, baby vest, baby blanket, scarf, sweater,...there is something for all tastes, all projects and all colors! All you have to do is order your first kit, grab your needles or hook and start knitting/crocheting.

Mistakes to avoid

When starting out, there are a few things to avoid. First of all, you should not use needles smaller than size 5. It is even recommended for beginners to always use a needle size larger than the one indicated on the label of the ball. 

Secondly, we do not recommend using fancy yarns, such as glittery, fluffy or hairy yarns. Indeed, these are more difficult to handle, which may complicate your learning to knit/crochet.

Finally, as you may have understood, we recommend not to knit expensive wools or noble yarns for a first project in order to avoid damaging it and therefore ruining it.

From now on, you're holding all the cards to get started and knit the most beautiful projects. So, if you follow our advice, knitting will quickly become child's play!


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See you soon, for new knitting tips, with La Lainière de Wazemmes !
Written by Pia on Wednesday 22 March 2023 à 10:26, in Advice .

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