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Our essentials to start knitting

Buying the first accessories to start knitting can be quite a tedious step because you must not make a mistake... And when you don't know much about it, it's quite tricky ! That's why today, in this article, we are going to try to guide you by elaborating a list of your first useful and effective purchases to begin well in knitting.

The needles

Needles are, without a doubt, the first accessory you need to start knitting. As mentioned in our article on the different types of knitting needles, there are many different types of needles. Although there are many choices, we strongly recommend that you choose straight, single-point stainless steel needles.

Why is that? Because stainless steel needles are, admittedly, less light than bamboo needles, but your wool thread will slide perfectly on them, which will facilitate the grip.

As for the size of needles to choose when starting out, we advise you to knit at MINIMUM in size 5. Knowing that the needle size 8 is the most suitable for learning to knit.

Also, single point needles are highly recommended for beginners as it prevents your stitches from slipping off the other side of your needle and, therefore, losing all of your work.

The balls

Then, as indicated in our article "Yarns and wools to start knitting", it is advisable to avoid all types of noble wools, fancy yarns or too fine yarns like layette wools for example. You will need to choose synthetic balls, such as acrylic in size 8 for example, to learn how to make your first stitches. For your first projects, we recommend the CANADA or the ALPINA 6.

The kits

Finally, at Lainière de Wazemmes, we offer several knitting kits accessible to beginners in terms of level. We advise you to start with kits because they are composed of a technical sheet with all the useful explanations to accompany you but also of all the materials necessary to realize a beautiful work. 


Do you want to start knitting ? Discover all our knitting and crochet kits ! 



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Written by Pia on Sunday 15 May 2022 à 12:36, in Advice .

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